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Hi. This blog began as a way to keep friends informed about my goings-on while living abroad, but has since degenerated into a boneyard of trite commentary.

Also, you should know I'm 99% sure that Clint Eastwood is my biological father, which colors most of my posts.

The formulaic street fair

I tried to blog about this while mobile at the actual street fair, like when Barbara Walters does the classic walking-on-lawn interview, but it proved rather dangerous.  I don’t have her grace.  We were in Evanston (gross, I know) at Custer’s Last Stand Festival of the Arts on Saturday.  Street festivals are like brunches: nice and dependable.  You know what to expect.  Before we even walked in, I was getting really excited to see all my favorite staples.  

Essentials for Creating a Street/’Art’ Fair by Britt B:

-THE SAME CLOTHIERS THAT THEY HAVE AT RENFAIRS: sun-faded, earthy colors, penchant for showing too much old lady cleave.  Basically what would follow if Lady Guinevere and a hippie had a baby who was into making her own clothes.

-MIXED-MEDIA ART: canvases with junk glued to them. 800 dollars.

-WOODWORKER: novelty wooden boxes, nutcrackers for all your nutcracking needs.

-KEBAB GOD: kebab god!

-LOCAL JEWELER: 50-something woman with a welder and a dream.

-LEMONADE STAND: the most refreshing thing on earth, run by a kid who’s 15 and can’t legally work.

It was everything I had dreamed of and no more.  Like the tides, dude.  Street fairs.

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